RC Drifting

We are EDC, Edenvale Drift circuit. founded in 2018, our track is purposely built for race car drifting. RC drifting is a sport that combines real world drifting techniques and car setup scaled down to 1/10th of the scale. Just like 1:1 scale drifting, it is not about who crosses the line first that wins but who has the better chase and lead skill.

Built from the ground up on the grounds of the Edenvale Bowling Club, EDC was founded by Richard Shih, Kevin Scrooby and Quentin Du Preez. This track was built with the generosity of a hand full of sponsors and with the help of our members. Starting small, dreaming big, we are already known as the best RC drift track in South Africa!

We have practice every Thursday night and Saturdays. Competitions nearly every month. Visit our Facebook page for more information contacts for more information.